ShowMeLeads Oracle Eloqua Consulting Services

Whether you need someone to build your automated marketing operations infrastructure from scratch, or to modify your CRM through Eloqua integration, ShowMeLeads is the right match for your company. Our excellent Eloqua Master can manage integration with other CRM systems, such as, and your marketing automation to meet your particular needs. Below are the Eloqua Services we offer:

Oracle Eloqua Business Process Review

With our expertise, we will work to align your Oracle Eloqua Marketing Platform with your marketing operations. Understanding the clients’ business process is key to establishing a successful, automated marketing system. Through strategic analysis we will help you develop the streamlined instance of Oracle Eloqua.

Database Management

Without a well-managed database, it is nearly impossible to automate your marketing operations. ShowMeLeads understands the importance of good data, and will assist you in gaining clear visibility into your data. A well-defined database management process is critical to establishing marketing and sales alignment.

Lead Scoring

Your sales team should never have to guess which leads are hot, active or fit the ideal prospect mold. That’s why we offer lead scoring and qualification consulting for Eloqua. We can also help create customized training materials for your sales team so they can take full advantage of Eloqua’s robust platform.

Eloqua Optimization

Our services will optimize your Oracle Eloqua process to better serve the needs of your staff. Our team will supply your staff with everything you will need to take your marketing cloud to the next level – ranging from program/campaign templates to emails/landing pages. We will provide you with the tools you need to manage your automated marketing system.

Oracle Eloqua Campaign and Program Builder Services

Eloqua is a powerful tool for creating campaigns. However, many Eloqua customers have difficulty taking full advantage of the many features, or implementing best practice marketing automation campaign strategy. We can help your team design effective marketing campaigns, from simple and straightforward to incredibly customized, segmented and detailed.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the backbones of marketing automation. Our consultants execute email campaigns with professionalism: building HTML emails, segmenting databases, building Eloqua campaigns and appropriately routing leads. We can also audit your organization’s email practices to improve key metrics like click-through rate, click-to-open, conversion rate, and much more.

Lead Nurture

Our experts can help you determine the best way to nurture your leads, using industry best practices as the template for your operations. Using both programs and campaigns within Oracle Eloqua, we will build out the process for you to nurture your leads at any stage of the buying cycle, ranging from beginning to late stages.

Reporting and Metrics

In any case, you need clear visibility into your marketing operations and understanding of the performance of your efforts. However, proper data management and standardization are key to reaching the true metrics that reflect your operations. ShowMeLeads will help you clean up your reporting and give you accurate data which you will be able to leverage from Eloqua reporting tools.

Other Eloqua Services

Progressive Profiling:

Interested in learning more about your leads? Our team will help you build out progressive profiling forms so that leads will only be asked questions which are not known about them. This will aid in building out the buyer profile for sales to gain better insight and increase overall revenue.

Subscription Management:

It is important to have a standard subscription management process to maintain accurate data. ShowMeLeads can help you set up a global subscription process to manage leads that have opted-in or out.

System Configuration and Deployment

New to Oracle Eloqua? Need assistance in the set-up and deploying it? Our team can help you from start to finish in your Eloqua implementation. From the very initial set up to executing your email marketing campaigns, we will provide you with what you need to begin leveraging this powerful tool.

CRM and Oracle Eloqua Integration

ShowMeLeads will help streamline your CRM and Oracle Eloqua Integration. From External Calls and Auto Syncs to Programs, we will optimize the communication and data flow between your marketing system and CRM.

Oracle Eloqua Webinar Alignment

Are you ready to deploy webinars and want to accurate metrics to track conversions? ShowMeLeads will assist you in configuring your Oracle Eloqua with the webinar platform of your choice.

Custom Projects and Integrations

Looking for a completely custom project and/or integration? Contact us to see if we can meet your needs.