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As an active marketer today, you have a lot on your plate. From increasing revenue to driving qualified leads to perfecting your email copy to keeping up with the latest trends in social, the sheer volume of available digital channels can feel overwhelming. ShowMeLeads resource center is full of white papers and e-books that provide actionable tips and tricks that you can put to work in your everyday campaigns, helping to improve results and ROI.

10 Metrics To Attract Executive Attention and Prove Marketing ROI

How can you really get into proven marketing efforts that will help push more leads into the sales funnel? And, what are the metrics that can help marketers take better control over the revenue process, achieve set-goals for your quarter, and build respect for the company among stakeholders and customers?

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7 Tips to increase your Email Open Rate

Are your emails generating quality traffic for your business? There are lots of expectations marketers count on from their marketing initiatives. For example seasoned marketers understand Email campaigns to be one of the most powerful tools. But, what if after following a strategic approach and putting hard work in designing content, structure and design, the email campaign does not turn up with the expected results?

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Email Marketing Evolution

Email Marketing is a tool that is best to use when all aspects related to the same are clear and approachable. Even though social media has captured all the stage, email marketing still proves to be helpful in order to reach potential clients. You just need to sit and sketch your target end-goals and with this guide in hand, need to jot down certain ways and mean that you would like to follow. (premium)

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8 Tips for Successful Online Events

Today, online events are creating a great buzz in different business verticals. With a well-planned online event, you can win many new prospects for your business. So, take these tips into consideration while planning your online event, and spread your reach for more sales energy.

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How To Increase Form Conversion

Ah, you have designed a website and now have hosted it over the internet. Do you think your work in done? No, it’s not! Indeed, you have to continue to work on it and regularly to encourage visitors and then of course there is the job of converting these visitors to customers. It is only then that your website will prove to be helpful. Let us show you how to explore your website’s online potential.

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11 Marketo Best Practice

All of our customers ask what are the best practices you recommend for Marketo?
The answer is not that simple. Understanding AND respecting that each Marketo implementation instance is unique dictates best practices to differ. Having said this, there is a foundation and core practices that can be applied to all campaigns and assure reduction of time and increase of results. So let’s dive in.

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Best Practices of Mobile Marketing

With the advent of iPhone, Android phones, and tablets, adoption of the mobile is contagious, and hopefully will continue in the coming years as well. The market penetration of smartphones is getting more and more deeper. The number of smartphone subscribers has now grown 3 times from two years ago. Simply, the mobile usage is on the rise, nobody can ignore it.

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Lead Nurturing

Companies are facing ever-increasing competition and have to fight tooth and nail to stay afloat to see some reasonable revenue. Businesses spend a huge amount of money in employing innovative marketing tools to boost sales and to achieve sales targets set for the tenure. Lead Nurturing involves concentrating on the new leads that may not result into a closed deal but are firm future prospects.(premium)

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9 Tips to Increase Click Through Rate

Gone are the days, when marketers use to get good response from their email marketing campaigns without much efforts. Today, the new marketing means have brought in various challenges before them. The advent of social media, Smart Phones and other marketing means have brought in various interactive and engaging ways for customers and considerations for marketers. Hence, email campaigns should be smart and proactive to reach out to people at large.

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5 Tips to Master Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the important marketing tactics that provide a direct line of communication from conversion to sale. At one end, many believe it to be an old-fashioned technique while on the other end it’s believed to be a powerful tactic, when used with strong content marketing approach. Moreover, it is a cost-effective technique that brings upon improved returns. So, if you want to move from conversation to commerce let the wand of email marketing cast it’s spell of charm and attract visitors.

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The Birth of Responsive Email Templates

The adoption of mobility solution at the enterprise level is simply becoming more relentless in order to engage more and more customers. The mobile traffic is surging higher and higher everyday, as the mobility trend gives more flexibility to everyone staying connected with each other and how they perform tasks using mobile devices and cloud services. But with growth of devices in multiple sizes, organizations face challenges of providing excellent experience across different devices

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Best Practices to optimize email content for any screen

Customer communication and relationship management have changed in a huge way. Now companies and brands are more agile than ever before allowing them to tap into more prospects. In today’s scenario, even email marketing— one of the most reliable and versatile marketing channel, is going through an immense transformation. Why? Due to the aggressive use of mobile phones and tablets, consumers’ habits are shifting from desktop to mobile.

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Being a Marketo Certified Expert

At times, having the right skill-set might not always be enough, for a person, to get recognized within the industry. It often becomes challenging to identify suitable people, for a given domain, in the absence of any sort of certification.
In the wake of increasing demand for Marketo users in the business, Marketo Certification Exam helps provide an edge to the users to help them get recognized. It acts as a conformation to the employers and saves a lot of hiring effort too.

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The Art of Demand and Lead Generation

In this presentation, Madhu Gulati, President and Chief Strategy Office at ShowMeLeads, shares and explores "The Art and Science of Demand Generation".
It highlights the secret sauce for any company to get started with Demand Generation and eventually automate processes as the organization grows with Marketing Automation Tools.

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When to Hire In-house vs an Agency for Marketing Operations

You're ready to harness the power of your Marketing Automation program, but you need the right skills behind the technology. When putting together your marketing team, should you hire in-house or partner with a marketing agency? This decision is about more than cost and convenience, it’s about delivering a higher ROI.

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